11 Small Techniques to Overcome Writer’s Block

Suffering from writer’s block is something that many writers experience at least once in their lifetime. It means staring at a blank page, not having any idea what to write. Writer’s block means that you experience a creative slowdown, not that you lost your writing ability forever. It may be just a moment when you need college essay writers for assignment help

Suffering from writer’s block does not mean that you have a disease. Writer’s block can have many causes and some depend on the writer. For example, you can just run out of inspiration and become distracted by other events or things. Or, it may be because you have health problems or some extraordinary events are happening in your life

However, writer’s block is not something that does not have a solution. Here are 11 small techniques that can help you overcome these difficult moments easy.

  1. Break the Routine

Most writers have a writing routine they go by every day. And this is good because it helps you form the habit of writing and this can help in moments of writer’s block. But it can also prevent you from writing.

For example, sometimes knowing that you need to start writing at 5.30 am can make your imagination block. A solution would be to try to break this habit sometimes. To change the setting and also your expectations from yourself.

  1. Go for a Walk

Samuel Anderson, who offers online assignment help at the best paper writing service reviews says that you cannot overcome the writer’s block if you start procrastinating. Nature has always been a remedy for this kind of problem, so maybe a walk in the park would help.

The writer’s block appears when your mind is crowded with information. So relaxing and not thinking about your lack of inspiration will surely help.

  1. Write at a Different Place

For sure you have designed your little creative corner. While it may encourage the creative process, sometimes it can prevent it. Especially when you are experiencing writer’s block.

Try to change the place. You can go to a coffee shop, in the park or even another room. Changing the environment can trigger your inspiration, as it is a new setting.

  1. Visit a Bookstore

Most bookstores have designed a special reading spot and you can even order tea or coffee. Even if you do not go there to read, just enjoying the peaceful and calm atmosphere can make you more relaxed.

And if your mind is relaxed, the writer’s block can slowly go away, says Martha Calkin, responsible with assignment writing service at the best writing services review.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are an obstacle when writing. You need to focus solely on your piece of writing. It is important to build your writing environment carefully, so just you will enter the flow state .

The flow state is that moment when you write and you do not feel the time passing by. It means that you are totally immersed in the writing activity and you put all your resources in this activity.

Distractions can prevent you from doing this. For example, try to put your phone away while writing and install software that lets you access only certain web pages.

  1. Write for You

Of course, all your books or blog posts will be read by your followers. But always wanting to write for them can actually prevent you to write. You think about what they would like to read and try to please their needs.

Instead, try to write something for you. Write about anything that crosses your mind and do not think about your readers. This piece of writing can have any format and length, so it will be better to not focus on these details. You do not have to make public all your writing pieces, so this can remain private if you want. But it is a great solution to your blockage. It can be the start of your journal.

  1. Freewriting

Another solution would be to free write. Freewriting is a special writing technique developed for writers that suffer from writer’s block. You need to choose a prompt and write it with a timer.

Eliminate all distractions and focus only on your task. You can choose emotions or people as prompts. This can help you build characters and generate new ideas for your stories.

  1. Read

If you cannot write, then read! The worst solution to writer’s block is not doing anything to solve it. You are a writer, and writing is your passion. Experiencing a blockage is just an obstacle to overcome. And reading can be the solution to this problem.

You can read a book or some inspiring quotes to generate some ideas. You can even learn new character-building techniques you can use in your writing. By reading a book you enter another realm and this can arise your creativity

  1. Listen to Music

Listening to music has incredible effects on your brain and wellbeing. Recent studies showed that listening to happy music can enhance creative thinking. You can easily find online playlists with this kind of music and you can listen to them while writing.

But if you want to choose the music by yourself, you need to choose happy energetic music. For example, “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi is perfect for these moments

  1. Develop Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is an important part of creativity. If your divergent thinking is well developed, you can easily find multiple solutions to problems. For example, you can find multiple uses for a brick.

When you experience writer’s block, you can aim to develop your thinking. Among the most useful activities are keeping a journal, brainstorming, creative artwork or free writing.

  1. Meditate

Meditation has powerful effects on people’s lives, and especially on writers. How is this happening? Well, meditation reduces the activity in certain parts in your brain responsible with logical thinking. This means that the part responsible for organized thought patterns takes a break.

And so, other parts remain active and can communicate with each other. This is how big ideas are generated and many writers have reported that meditation is a good approach for solving the writer’s block.


Suffering from writer’s block is something that all writers experience. Instead of using a essay writers to help you, you can try these 11 small techniques. Meditation and freewriting can help you generate new ideas and develop divergent thinking.

You do not need to stay mad at yourself. Instead, take a walk in the park, visit a bookstore, read, and relax. For sure your inspiration will be triggered and lots of new ideas will come alive

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