A few off-beat things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city in Turkey. It is home to some of the most magnificent historical sites, such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Spice Market, and the Grand Bazaar. All of them are equally stunning and demand a visit to best explore their beauty. However, if you are a type of traveller, who doesn’t like the crowd, we have a list of places and things for people like you who love to tread the untrodden path. Of course, it is important to visit all the significant places of history, but as an experienced traveller, I can tell you one thing for sure, there’s a lot more to a destination than just the principal touristy destinations. Does this mean that you should skip out on the most pivotal sites and attractions of Istanbul? Not at all. But, after you are done exploring them, there is still a lot more to see and do. So, here are a few off-beat things that you can do and see in Istanbul.

Explore the Asian side of the city

The most off-beat and significant thing about Istanbul is that it is the only city in the world that lies between two continents, i.e. Asia and Europe. The Anatolian side or the Asian side of Istanbul is split from its European side via the Bosphorus Strait. To reach here, you can either take a ferry ride or a bus. Kamini, who offers online assignment help Australiasays that though the pivotal destinations of Istanbul are located on its European side if you haven’t ever explored Asia, it is a thing to try here. For people who enjoy shopping, you can pick some stuff from Kadiköy markets. In addition to it, you can also hike to the peak at the Çamlica Hill, take a nice stroll at the Bagdat Caddesi, and hop around at the shops, cafes, and restaurants there, or tour around the Beylerbeyi Palace.


Witness the Real Hammam

In Istanbul, you’ll find that a lot of luxury hotels have hammams. Now, the hammam is another name for the Turkish bath. However, even the swankiest hotel in the city might not have real Hammam. We say so because these hammams are made to look modest and cushy for a comfortable western experience. On the other hand, a real Turkish bath is a tradition that has lingered on for several thousands of years. The Turks considered Hammam as a place to socialize and cleanse their souls. Usually, there are different hammams for males and females, and women enter them topless. So, in a traditional hammam, you’ll travel through different rooms that have different settings for temperature. It is more like a sauna. To make the most of your experience, you can book an attendant who’ll give you a deep body scrub. It can be rough, but it will truly be invigorating. The real traditional hammams are mostly centred around the Old Town.


Visit the Prince Islands

Prince Island is a cluster of 9 islands that are located south-east of the city. It offers a fun gateway from the hustle-bustle of the city. Raj, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that if you plan a visit to Istanbul during summer months, taking a day-trip to the island would be an excellent idea. These islands are accessible via a ferry ride from the main city. Usually, the travellers stick to the 4 bigger and fairly more popular islands – Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada, and Büyükada, which is the biggest of them all. When here, you can tour around the historic sites, see beautiful homes, and eat at the gourmet cafes. One of the most incredible things about these islands is that there is no car allowed here. So, these are quiet, peaceful, and a good break from the noise of the city. To tour around, you can take a horse or carriage. You can even rent a bicycle or walk around the city. It is best to take an early ferry to the island because the place might see a lot of visitors later in the day.


Book a ferry ride

One of the best ways to explore Istanbul is via a boat. In here, you’ll find several boats that give you paid tours of Bosphorus. However, if you wish to have more flexibility and save some money, you can opt for a regular ferry ride. These rides will be relatively cheaper, and there’s no hurry. You can take pictures and enjoy the scenic beauty with other tourists. As part of the ride, you’ll explore beautiful mansions, Topkapi Palace, the significant Bosphorus Bridge, the massive minarets, mosques, and the other palaces and castles of the city. Leo, who works with a platform that lets you pay for writing paperssays that ferry rides are indeed one of the most pocket-friendly ways to travel and tour around the city. You can even hop off the ferry and enjoy some lip-smacking sea feed and then get back in your ferry.


Explore the history of the Jews

Mobin, who offers the best product management course online, says that though Turkey is primarily a Muslim country, it has a massive Jewish history. In the city, you can take a couple of heritage tours, to know more about the Jews who inhabited the country for more than a thousand years. During the Ottoman Empire, the country saw an influx of the Jewish population. This growth further accentuated towards the end of 1400, when Spain pushed out the Jews and Ottomans welcomed them for they had excellent business skills and riches. You should tour the Balat and Galata quarters of Istanbul to best experience Jewish history.

So, these are the top 5 off-beat things that you can do when you take a tour around Istanbul.


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