Almond Press began in 2012, in Stirling, Scotland

We are a group of individuals drawn together through a passion for literature, writing, and our interest in the future of publishing. Our aim is to bring together authors, readers, and publishers in an attempt to find new talent while sharing and promoting great writing.

It can be difficult to get your foot in the door with a great publishing company, but we believe that there are many talented writers with undiscovered potential out there. For this reason, we run a line of creative writing competitions to challenge writers to create unique work that can showcase their personal storytelling ability. Authors that are chosen from these competitions will be granted an opportunity to see their works published by Almond Press. Our collections are read by genre enthusiasts from around the world, and this creates an invaluable opportunity for aspiring authors to share their work.

All proceeds from our publications go towards running short story competitions and promoting aspiring writers like yourself.

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