Understanding Amazon’s Purchase of .book Domain

Now that thousands of unique TLDs are up for grabs, the race is on among major corporations to buy up the domain names that are predicted to be most desirable. Amazon’s recent acquisition of the top level domain name .book is currently a hot topic on the web. You may be asking yourself “what does that mean?” or “why I should care?” Here is a breakdown of what is going on and the potential implications Amazon’s purchase of .book could have on the future of digital marketing. What are TLDs A TLD or Top Level Domain name is like a zip code at the end of a postal address. You may recognize them as the abbreviation after the “dot” in a website’s name, like “.com” or “.net”. A top level domain name is the highest ranking type of domain name in a system that is used to assign names to specific locations on the internet. This system is in place to organize websites and information on the internet so that is can be found more easily. What is ICANN? The “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers”, more commonly known as ICANN, is the nonprofit organization responsible for assigning these names to different entities who want to create web pages on the internet. How are TLDs acquired? Until recently, there were very few generic domain names that were being used by the majority of sites on the internet. In 2012, ICANN made the decision to expand the domain name system in order to more effectively organize websites online. As a result, companies can now apply for the right to use unique domain names and purchase them through auction if others are interested in the same TLD. Why purchase a unique TLD? By purchasing the rights to a unique TLD, a… read more →