Frederico Canongia Lopes

Visceral Portugal

    Born in Braga but currently living in Lisbon, Frederico Canongia Lopes finished Arts in “Escola Secundária Alves Martins” when he was still living in Viseu.

    In his early life he had a fascination, almost obsession, with horror themed books and movies alike from authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Alan Poe and Gen Urobuchi. Starting as a hobby he made several stories and poems related to steampunk, cyberpunk, mythological and tragic themes but none of them were published.
    Currently he is working in the Portuguese Army both as translator and driver.

    His short story “A Aranha de Pompalina” received third prize at the Youth4Tomorrow/Almond Press Horror Writing Contest and will be published in the bilingual collection “Visceral Portugal”.

    Frederico Canongia Lopes

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