Kevin Harrison

Visceral Portugal

    Growing up in London’s Surrey suburbs, Kevin always found inspiration in art, particularly music and literature. After moving to Keele University to study Classical Studies and Philosophy, he embarked on a life dominated by wanderlust. He lived in 4 UK cities and working in a series of largely uninteresting office jobs for the best part of a decade, while focussing most of his energy into his role as singer and lyricist with different rock bands.

    With creating music taking a back seat in 2010, Kevin decided that he needed a change and to do something more satisfying, and so began his journey as an internationally-based English language teacher, moving first to Turkey, via Poland to Portugal. This clash of cultures and ways of life has broadened his pool of inspiration and has led his writing in the direction of blogging, as well as providing a much wider scope of characters and sceneries for his fiction.

    Kevin’s short story: “Death Imitating Art,” selected for second prize in the Youth4Tomorrow/Almond Press Horror Writing Contest in Portugal, 2014, is his first published work.

    Kevin Harrison

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