Sofia Almeida

Visceral Portugal

    Project Description

    I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. And, shocking truth! Since my youth I hated dark twisted stories. I just hated how they would make my skin crawl before going to bed, and it would give me nightmares for months. And that’s where my love affair with horror stories began.

    Suddenly I would find myself immersed in writing the most horrid plot I could think of. Not many characters lived till the end I’m afraid to say (but, oh, well) it was for the sake of a good story.

    Nowadays I always write when I have spare time from my studies and I actually don’t have a preference when writing. It could either end up being a horror story or a romance. Who knows? (Just definitely not a science fiction book!)

    My short story ‘Rosa d’Ouro’ will be published in the ‘Visceral Portugal’ collection by Almond Press.


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