Bluebird Magazine

Bluebird Magazine is an online literary magazine that prides itself on supporting new artists, and helping them find the readers that will be interested in their writings. Founded in 2019, Bluebird Magazine is managed by Ethan Becker, who has been published in Wingman Magazine, the Inkwell Literary Journal, the MN Student Creative Collection, and was a semi-finalist in the 2019 MN Short Play Festival, with his play “One Goes Right, One Goes Left”.

Bluebird Magazine looks to publish thoughtful, constructive, or just plain entertaining pieces of writing and visual art. The best part is, they accept submissions and publish stories year-round. There is no fee for submissions, and writers receive 50% of the revenue that their stories generate for the magazine, with payouts possibly coming every month. You only need to submit once, and you could get a check every month!

Bluebird is looking for young, unpublished writers, but will accept submissions from anyone, so long as they follow the submission guidelines on their site. An exciting chance for writers to be on the ground floor of a big project, Bluebird Magazine aims to work with their writers, because they understand that the more popular their writers become, the more popular the site becomes, and vice versa.

Bluebird Magazine accepts simultaneous works, as well as works that have previously been published. With an active social media team, your stories are guaranteed to be shared at least twice by the publication, with more shares if the story begins to trend.

Interested in joining their team? Bluebird Magazine is also looking for freelance editors who share the same vision that they do. Because the editors at the site recognize that nobody can write in isolation, and that great writing takes a great community of writers, editors, and publishers to prosper.

So what are you waiting for! Go take a look at their website, and take a peek at their submission guidelines today!

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