Epiphany Literary Journal

Epiphany is a semiannual literary journal and independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) that supports practicing writers at every stage of their careers. During our open reading periods we consider every submission seriously. With our Breakout 8 contest we honor student writers. For 18+ years we have published work that transcends convention and demonstrates literary mastery.

Our name derives from the Joycean idea that an epiphany is the moment when “the soul of the commonest object… seems to us radiant.” Like the semicolon in our logo, an epiphany is a pause in time followed by a shift in thinking. Like the semicolon, an epiphany can consist of a confluence between two ideas. Like the semicolon, an epiphany is both a part of language and outside of it.

So send us your best work. Work that both resists and embraces language. Work that draws connections where we never thought to look. Work that evokes or examines or simply mirrors for us this strange condition of being human. Fill us up; leave us wondering.

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