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The Great Ape pokes its head through the trees. It’s watching, waiting to see what you’ll do. The Great Ape suffers fools gladly, so be foolish, be wild. Ask yourself the difficult questions: Can you make hay, even when the sun don’t shine? Can you outrun a 500 pound primate in its natural habitat? And is it possible to be deadly serious about being absurdly silly? The answer, to all, is yes. And the method? Simple. Be a Great Ape.

At Great Ape Literary Journal, we love to laugh, especially at ourselves. Robert A. Heinlein once wrote that laughter is humanity’s natural reaction to pain, and times are certainly painful. The rainforests are burning, the icecaps are melting, and all the while, the fake news blues are running rampant. But never fear, dear friend, for Great Ape has arrived with a cure-all tonic for these troublesome times!

Let’s face it. We, as a species, are buffoons. We are loud and proud in announcing our greatness, and yet we are not great enough to fix any of the problems we are causing. We are tragic and comic in equal proportions. We are both annoyingly intelligent and monumentously stupid. We are firmly in support of personal property, and yet we are constantly stealing from each other. We are original, but we contain multitudes.

Great Ape is a celebration of all our contradictions, all our idiosyncrasies. Send us pieces of prose, poetry, or graphic fiction that parody the self-aggrandizement of mankind. We provide edits on all submissions, whether accepted for publication or not, so send us your laundry, your fluff, your I-don’t-know-about-this-one. We want to laugh, and so, we presume, do you. Help us make that happen. Share our call with your students, your friends, that one lady on the bus who always looks at you funny. Submit to Great Ape and get published!

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