Short Fiction Break

Short Fiction Break is an innovative online literary magazine for people who love reading and writing fiction.

We love to curl up in a good book and get lost in an engaging story. But time is precious, and books, or even longer “short” stories, require dedicated time to read—time that can be hard to carve out of a busy schedule.

Yet it is possible to enjoy stories even when we can’t set aside hours to read a book.

We believe that stories can entertain, inspire, and surprise even in their shortest form. In 2014, we founded Short Fiction Break to make captivating short fiction easily available for free online.

To that end, the stories published at Short Fiction Break are truly short, fewer than 2,500 words. These five- to ten-minute reads provide a breath of fresh air in a busy day. They are easily read during a lunch break, at a bus stop, or even while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Short Fiction Break publishes new stories three to five times each week. Subscribe to receive notifications as soon as new stories are published.

Short Fiction Break deeply values new and emerging writers and is committed to regularly publishing stories by upcoming authors. Often, the stories we share are a writer’s first published piece. By subscribing, you will discover new writers whose work you love.

Our talented writers appreciate your feedback and support. If you like a story, leave a comment, visit the author’s page, and explore more of their work.

At Short Fiction Break, we are committed to making quality short fiction available online. We invite you to subscribe and join this community of people who love stories.

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