The Compass

The Compass is an issue-based online poetry magazine, edited by Lindsey Holland. It is published twice a year and the content for each issue is slow-released over a ten to fourteen day period, allowing time and space for each poem, review and feature.

The Compass comes out of North West England but is in no way restricted to that region. The magazine aims to locate and publish what is, in the opinion of the editor, the most outstanding British and international poetry. The tastes of the editors don’t adhere to a particular school and we aim to publish a range of quality poetries. They also aim to showcase the work of poets they particularly enjoy, or who don’t currently get the exposure that the editors feel their work deserves.

They are keen to provide a platform for discourses about published poetry as well as new work. Their reviews section is driven by enthusiasm for poetry — for consuming, reading and talking about it, as well as for writing it — however any opinions expressed in the reviews do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editors or the magazine as a whole.

Over time they aim to expand The Compass to take advantage of the possibilities offered by its online presence to add to the print-based content.

The Compass receives no funding and is produced on a voluntary basis by its editors. Unfortunately they are not able to pay contributors at the current time.

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