Organic Boost – 100% Natural Nootropic


Organic Boost – 100% Natural Nootropic | Cognitive Enhancer | Boost Energy, Focus and Mental Performance | Certified Organic & Vegan | Natural Herbs to Increase Memory and Clarity | 60 Capsules


  • INCREASE ENERGY & ALERTNESS: Synergistic pairing of Organic Guarana and Organic Matcha Green Tea provides a calm energy boost without the crash of coffee. Organic Guarana has more caffeine than coffee but is absorbed more slowly so the effect is less abrupt, more progressive and more durable meaning a calm increase in energy without the crash. L-theanine in Matcha Green Tea significantly increases alpha waves in the brain providing a calming effect and increase in clarity and mental alertness.
  • COGNITIVE ENHANCER: Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom increases the amount of NGF (nerve growth factor) in the brain, which enhances cognition by reducing inflammation, encouraging neural growth, and improving overall brain health. It is well documented to improve cognitive functions including enhanced memory and recall.
  • ENHANCE CLARITY & ENDURANCE: Organic Siberian Ginseng has been shown to increase mental acuity. Specifically alleviating mental fog, supporting the body adapting to stress and increase in endurance. Organic Turmeric has several health benefits including its antioxidant effect boosting the immune system, enhancing mental clarity and is a neuro-protective nutrient.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS BACKED BY SCIENCE: Registered with Vegan Society, only raw plant-based ingredients. Ingredients and dosages used are based on scientific research of some of the most studied natural herbs and super-foods on the planet.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Being Organically certified holds us to a higher standard, meaning we are regulated and assessed to prove our ingredients have been organically farmed, are chemical and GMO free. Meaning better for us and better for the environment through reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility, conserving water and is better for birds and animals as no chemicals are used. We are also a plastic free company. Our bottles are made of glass and lids aluminium meaning 100% recyclable
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